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© 2006. Copyright in the artworks contained herein is in, and is retained by the respective creator/author of the work.


Joann W. Hensel, AWS, paints realistic landscapes in transparent watercolor using traditional methods. Her subjects range from Pennsylvania barns to Utah canyons and from Atlantic beaches to the Gulf shore. These range from grand vistas to detailed close-ups. Strong lights and darks are integrated into carefully considered compositions.

Painting since the sixties, the last decade has produced representation in national shows, awards, and peer recognition every year. ARTSPEAK described Joann's 1994 AWS prize winner as "first rate". Archived records of original paintings purchased by collectors and institutions exceed 1,100.

Original Paintings by Joann W. Hensel, AWS

click on each image to see a larger view
"Pink Lily"

Image size: 19" x 28"
(48.26cm x 71.12cm)
Frame size: 28" x 36"
(71.12cm x 91.44cm)
(Image Perfect Glazing)

$1,800 USD

"Remembering Georgia (O'Keefe)"

Image size: 21" x 25"
(53.34cm x 63.5cm)
Frame size: 35" x 39"
(88.9cm x 99.06cm)
(Image Perfect Glazing)

$3,000 USD

"Snowmobile Trail"

Image size: 20" x 27"
(50.8cm x 68.58cm)
Frame size: 27" x 35"
(68.58cm x 88.9cm)

$1,800 USD

click on each image to see a larger view
"Along The Octararo"

(53.34cm x 73.66cm)
Image size: 21" x 29"
(78.74cm x 93.98cm)
Frame size: 31" x 37"

$2,000 USD

"Sun, Sea, Sky"

Image size: 28" x 32"
(71.12cm x 81.28cm)
Frame size: 37" x 49"
(93.98cm x 124.46cm)

$3,000 USD

"Pink Cliffs"

Image size: 19" x 27"
(48.26cm x 68.58cm)
Frame size 27" x 35"
(68.58cm x 88.9cm)

$1,650 USD

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